Look at me, I’m blogging

Some of you people really ought to be posting your cute little comments. I think maybe you’ve given up on me. Which, really, is what I deserve. I’ll be patient.

In the meantime, I’m in Chicago! I drove here yesterday, and let me tell you, if you ever have the impulse to drive into Chicago between the hours of, say, noon and midnight, maybe rearrange your entire life and everyone else’s in order to avoid that. I do this every time, and every time it takes twelve times as long as it ought to. I also had a second impulse, which was to set my GPS to avoid toll roads. I thought I was clever. I was not clever. It took at least an hour and half longer, and I saved maybe six fifty. So. Awesome.

The payoff, though, is that I get to see Shelley, Mike and Parker. Last night, Mike gamely volunteered for toddler duty (husbands, are you paying attention?) so Shelley I could go out to dinner. We went for sushi at a new place in their neighborhood. Really bad name. Really. But good sushi, especially the unagi (eel) cucumber. Totally yummy. The perfect ending to a whole day spent in the car … fresh and healthy to counteract hours of exhaust and dust (well, fresh and healthy and accompanied by a bottle of sake). We brought Mike a bento box, and he says those are just as good. So, if you’re ever in Irving Park, try to get over the horrible name and give it a shot.

This morning, we’re going to head out to Parker’s preschool visit, but before that … coffee. A twelfth cup is really going to be necessary today.

On to Ann Arbor tonight!


4 thoughts on “Look at me, I’m blogging

  1. aww, maybe it’s not so much people are giving up on you, but you’re really hard to find. I found you on accident through the wordpress search engine. Usually, I’m lazy and when I want to visit other blogs I back track through links in my comment section. ^^

  2. I wonder how I make myself easier to find …? Well anyway, welcome amkuska! And yes, brother, I’m going to try very hard to be a better blogger. Really and truly (brother is a dedicated blogger of the most loyal type, you see). And hi, Mom!

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