Michigan Weekend

I know, creative title. At least I avoided some kind of wretched alliterative sappiness, which is all my brain wanted to give me. Anyway, I’m in Michigan! I’m visiting my friend Emily, formerly also of Brooklyn, who just moved to Ann Arbor and is started her PhD in art history in just a few weeks. Since I was in the general area, and I haven’t been to Michigan since I was a naive, sweet little young college student (brother, zip it), I thought I’d scoot on over and help Em settle in.

So, first of all, Ann Arbor is a glorious town. Sweet. Cute. Kind of little, big enough to keep my restlessness satisfied (At least for a weekend. Maybe even a WEEK!). People stop to let you cross the street and they smile and they wave. There are also some seriously wonderful running trails along the Huron River, and great running, as you may know, is my city soft spot.

Glorious though this little city is, Em and I ventured out today to Detroit because how can you be so close to Detroit and not go? You can’t.

Detroit. A strange town. Stunning architecture. A brilliant art museum. No one on the streets. Weeds growing up through cracks in highways. It was a bit post-apocalyptic, but really, it’s a remarkable city. Lots of potential. If I had a few hundred billion dollars, I’d invest it in creating a supercity in Detroit.

Here’s the best part of the whole weekend … I even took pictures!

I want nothing more than cafe con leche for the rest of my life. And also all of that food.

Really one of the better farmer's markets I've ever been to.

No idea what those long things are. Anyone?

In Detroit …

Emily in the British room

One of Detroit's stunning building shells

Mies van der Rohe, Lafayette Tower West. I wanted to be impressed. Really I did.

We got so very hungry, we had to have a beer (and lunch) at 4:30 PM.

Looks like a disgusting amount of meat. Not so.

A beer before dining

The Heidelberg Project


3 thoughts on “Michigan Weekend

  1. Wow, look at that mixed grill. This business of traveling everywhere all the time could be OK if you get to stop into pubs like that.

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