Back to Bayfield

I’m headed to my favorite little town in Wisconsin. It’s Bayfield, and it just might be the most adorable place I’ve ever been, ever. It’s tiny. It has a Great Lake. It has the Apostle Islands. And it has TWO book stores, including one of the best used book stores I’ve ever seen, and a number of good coffee and cocktail acquiring options. Pretty much the perfect place.

I’m taking the boyfriend there, since he’s here for the weeks visiting (and let’s blame him for my lack of posting while we’re at it). So far, we don’t have many plans. We’re staying at the Pinehurst Inn. I love the B&B type thing. He does not (he’s not a fan of the lack of privacy feeling, but I did at least choose a place that’s less like staying with your grandmother and more hotelesque). But … we’ll see how he handles it. I’ll report back. Dinner is going to be at Wild Rice. And that’s all I know so far.

I’ll take some pictures. I have this new annoying-in-pretty-much-every-way phone, but it does at least take good pictures. If I don’t throw it in Lake Superior, perhaps you’ll at least get some good visuals.

Enjoy your Wednesday, my friends.


2 thoughts on “Back to Bayfield

  1. I thought you liked your new phone. Sad. Maybe just getting to know it will help. I hope the B&B experience is a good one. Oh, i just got a text from you with crazy upsidedown symbols, maybe that is why you don’t like your phone.

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