Breakfast in bed


No one’s ever brought me breakfast in bed before. Am I the last, breakfast in bed holdout? Welk, no matter. Look at this lovely little plate, brought not just to my bed, but to my bed ALL the way from another house by my dear friend Carol.

See, I am now without stove or refrigerator at my sweet little cabin (Though I do have heat now! So much more important.), which means that pretty much all of my eating has to take place at the kind and generous ButBars’ house. And to add to that kind generosity, Carol was concerned, since she was about to leave for the whole day, that I would not feed myself adequately in her absence. She knew I had a long run today and wanted to provide me with adequate sustenance. So she brought me this, along with the tiniest, cutest little pitcher of milk for my coffee. Because she knows me so well. Which means I’m not going to actually get out and DO any kind of long run without at least three cups of coffee.

So what I’m saying, I guess, is wow. How many people have this sort of friend? And by the way, this is just the tiniest of all the ways Carol is a wonderful friend. So there, internet. I thought someone should know.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast in bed

  1. 1. I love Carol, too.
    2. Why, I wonder, did your last three posts all show up at once? I have been checking every day to see if you were posting. You probably have posted Benji and I didn’t get it. Is it the server or a black hole in cyberspace?
    3. I love you, too.

  2. I’ve been posting via my %^%$$ Epic, you see, and I didn’t realize it wasn’t showing up here. BAH. Jeannine brought it to my attention though – thanks Jeannine – and now I’ve fixed it! I’ll post Benji next! Love you!

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