The Sexy Traveling Life


Tomorrow is my last morning in Wisconsin, my last run on the North Woods’ beautiful leafy dirt roads, and that means that this is also my very last visit to this laundromat. Don’t be fooled, all you people who wish you were on the road with me. It’s not all pet bears and swinging beside Lake Superior. There are laundromat moments.

Fortunately, I kind of adore the laundromat, especially in new and unfamiliar locations. A couple of laundromat hours, like a nice long grocery store perusal, will tell you a lot about a town. Here in Superior, for example, a lot of men seem to be in charge of the laundry, or at least here with their wives helping lasso their hooting children before they make it ALL the way across the building riding in the laundry cart. It looked pretty awesome to me. This is probably why the universe has protected any children from having me as their bad influence mom because, despite the sign on the wall that forbids laundry cart riding, I’m so going to do it. Who’s going to stop me?


2 thoughts on “The Sexy Traveling Life

  1. My experience has been that the little old Chinese woman who runs the laundry will stop you. At least in Dawsonville, GA.

  2. Hmmm, wonder if there is a county ordinance against it? Good thing you’re leaving town tomorrow. Have a safe trip. Love, MOM

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