Out of the Woods Into the Mountains By Way of the City

A scene from the road

Look at me! I have internet. Whenever I want it. I’m pretty tired from the drive (more on that later) but I’m posting just because I can. I’m drunk with power. Lousy with electronic accessibility. So yeah, anyway, I’m in Chicago.

This week I’m visiting my friends Shelley and Mike and their preposterously cute two-and-a-half year old. It’s going to be another intense week of training (Really thought this was going to be a rest week. I’m wondering if those have somehow disappeared.) but other than that, I’m going to work some, write some (Did I mention I finished my novel? More on that later, too.) and enjoy my friends.

When I leave Chicago next Sunday, I’m headed to Jackson Hole via the BADLANDS. I’ve wanted to see that Badlands ever since I read Peace Like a River, one, really, the best books of all time. You can experience it simultaneously if you go out and get the book, and Leif Enger would thank you, I’m sure. Seriously, read it. You’ll like it. And maybe you can come to the Badlands!

Alright then … two year olds get up early (a fact that makes me seriously question the kindness of the universe), so ‘night now. You’ll be hearing more from me soon!


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