Cooking for Friends

Confession: I do miss having my own kitchen. I love to cook. I miss my knife and my favorite pots and pans and my collection of spices and herbs. And my immersion blender. But mostly I miss cooking for friends. In Brooklyn, I cooked with my friend Evan – that’s him above – almost every week. On the road, I definitely don’t have a kitchen most of the time, and I’m often alone.

I was fortunate enough that my darling ButBars allowed me to cook once or twice a week (which, by the way, was one of the ONLY ways they would allow me to earn my keep, ridiculously generous creatures), and I already miss that routine. And tonight Shelley and Mike are letting me satisfy that longing with a special little meal. I’m making this, sans the lamb. Shelley’s not a lamb fan, so I substituted short ribs, which I will tell you – should you make this – they require a good half hour extra cooking time to get to that super tender stage. Other than that, it’s all the same, and I’m serving it with roasted lemon garlic broccoli, (accompanied by cava followed by zinfandel) and then grilled key lime pound cake (which I bought at Whole Foods, but I’ll grill myself) with strawberry gelato.

Oh, and I also baked bread yesterday. I was testing a recipe for Carol ButBar. She’s writing an article about bread baking, and she needed me to test a recipe for the bread-intimidated. I’m not necessarily intimidated, but I’m also far, far from accomplished. It turned out pretty well, if the reactions of my hosts can be considered, which we all know they can’t. I’ll tell you the truth: it needed more salt. I made a cinnamon/sugar loaf and a regular loaf. With salted butter, they’re certainly just fine. I’m sure Carol’s are just unbelievable.

Anyway, a photo of dinner is forthcoming. I hope you’re all enjoying something marvelous tonight, whatever that might be. Hugs all around.


One thought on “Cooking for Friends

  1. I spoke to your knife, pots, pans, spices, herbs, and especially your immersion blender. They all said they miss you, too, and wish you would come to Georgia. They would help you cook for me and I will be a most willing beneficiary of any wonderful meals or homemade breads you are willing to create. Sooner that later is better. Love, MOM

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