Edwardo’s. All You Need to Know

This is Molly. In 2003, I lived in Chicago with this wonderful woman, and one of the things we did  A LOT is eat pizza. We tried the thin crust. We tried the stuffed. We tried it all. (We thought.) We weren’t very impressed. Somehow, however, we missed Edwardo’s. I guess I wasn’t such a good Internet researcher back then because I can’t imagine visiting this city today and missing Edwardo’s. You shouldn’t either. If you come to Chicago, you must go there. You must order the spinach kind. You must only eat one piece, no matter how much you think you want a second. And you will want a second. But this is not a forgiving meal. Ridiculously good. Not forgiving.

Anyway, Shelley and Mike are very good friends, in many ways, but in particular because they introduced me to Edwardo’s stuffed spinach pizza, and they indulge my craving for it every single time I’m here. This trip is no different. We ordered it, we ate it, and thank heavens I had a two hour forty-five minute run the next day. After which I ate another slice. The run went really well, by the way. So much more fun than rational thought would indicate. Eight weeks til marathon day.


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