My flowers


Spider mums. They’re kind of lovely, no? Just the thing to wake up to. That and the French press I bought this afternoon. Tomorrow, I think, I will be less inclined to hide in bed.


4 thoughts on “My flowers

  1. SO, how did the group run go??? That’s what I did in Philly, too. The people were super nice, though I never ran with them again (6:30 pm in the middle of a heatwave = craziness. You know I’m really a morning runner). But I did enjoy the beer part after!

  2. (Sigh) I haven’t gone yet. It’s at 6:00 tonight. I wish you were here. You know I’m not a running-with-people-except-Katie-and-sometimes-Evan person. I’m ridiculously nervous.

    I have to go early and do 40 minutes before the actual run starts … my assignment for today is 1:30. So at least I’ll be good and warm when it starts. Cross those fingers.

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