So someone reminded me last night that there was a tiny, wee little period of time during which I wrote very little on this blog. Add to that the fact that I finally figured out how to download all of my photos from my Epic. Please note how I am no longer writing “my $#%&^&# Epic.” We’re friends now. Anyway, all that together means you get a little life-on-the-road recap. I’m killing the last hour before I have to go meet the strangers and run. I’m nervous. There, I admitted it.

Kevin's new front yard in St. Paul.

A terrible picture of a wonderful cheese plate at The Happy Gnome, St. Paul.

Shopping with Kevin at one of Minneapolis' most horrid destinations. Ikea. I am a good friend.

A walk by Minneapolis' Mill City Museum before dinner at Sea Change (yes, great, go there).

Best Bloody Mary in Minneapolis, Hell's Kitchen.

Amuse bouche at Wild Rice in Bayfield. Good food, gorgeous building.

One of the world's great bookstores: Bayfield, Wisc.

One of the many barns I love. This one is just a few miles from the ButBars' house.

One of the black labs I love: Waking Bear, my running partner.

The ladies' weekend in Bayfield.

Beer flights at the Thirsty Pagan. Superior, Wisc.

Roller skating with the ButBars for Carol's 40th.

Novel mission accomplished.

Karaoke with Shelley in Chicago. She sang The Tide is High. We both sang Sweet Home Alabama with a bunch of strange and wonderfully entertaining girls.

Leaving Wisconsin. Flat Annabelle helps me say goodbye to the ButBars.

A chin scratching moment in Somewhere, South Dakota.


Big Horn Mountains. Unexpctedly beautiful. Unexpected because I had no idea they were there (great at geography). Beautiful just because.

My first grizzly in Yellowstone. Or anywhere.

In Grand Teton National Park, a baby and mama black bear. What you can't see are all the STUPID people OUT of their cars taking pictures.

Joe and his failed birthday cake. It was an experiment. Cherry cake with dark chocolate mousse between the layers and milk chocolate ganache. Not good. Not even pretty.

The creek Joe built.

Jumbo (another black lab I love) with his dog frozen yogurt, which I bought for the dogs and now they are accustomed to being spoiled. Just like I like them.

Maybe Muzz (black lab, love him) prefers Haagen Daz.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

I love this tree. (Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado)

Some of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park.

Whole Foods, Santa Fe where corn nuts sound fancy.

Sunset from the casita's back patio.

And scene.


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