Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen

Here’s the thing: yesterday was D day. That is, divorce day. Actually, it was wedding anniversary day, but that’s even worse. For some reason, it hit me this year much harder than last. I’d like to compliment myself on being, at the very least, unpredicatable because it’s definitely been unpredictably hard this year. Today, for example, and yesterday if I’m honest, it was very hard to get out of bed. But today there was also a 1:30 run, and rather than easing me, which is what running usually does, THIS run completely freaked me out. Because it was IMPOSSIBLE. It felt as though I’d never run at altitude before (Santa Fe is at 7,200 ft). Afterward I was exhausted and scared. All I could think was, I’m going to run 26 miles in five weeks and 10 kicked my ass today? And then I took a nap.

BUT. All was not lost. I did finally force myself out of bed. First I made a trip to the loveliest Whole Foods I’ve ever seen. It has these beautiful old wood floors, and for some reason, it’s not wicked crowded. And then, THEN, my friends, I had my first Christmas-style New Mexican meal at Maria’s, which was recommended to me by Julie Trujillo at the Running Hub. I ordered the blue corn carne adovada enchiladas, the traditional New Mexican meal, as it is made from blue corn, developed by the Southwestern Hopi people. This seemed like a safe default, since I was so overwhelmed by the menu. I could have closed my eyes, pointed at random, and been just as delighted.

It looks like dinner at any typical Mexican restaurant in this pathetic photo I took, but it was much better. Just wonderful, really, or else I was starving, and I was, since I was too tired to even eat lunch. Slept right through it.

Now, Maria’s won the award for best margarita in Santa Fe, but I wasn’t wildly impressed. It was a fine maragrita, don’t mistake me, but it tasted just normal, unlike last night’s maragarita, which tasted like a drink for someone who actually LIKES the ingredients in a margarita.

The sopapilla, in the back of this photo, was also just fine, but there’s honey on every table, which I figured out at the END of my meal is meant for that sopapilla. Perhaps that would have a made a huge difference, but I doubt it. Instead I stopped at Santa Fe Baking Company for dessert, where this delightful guy behind the counter abashedly pointed out his favorite apple something or other, and I bought it immediately. I’ll let you know how it goes. Their coffee is great, so that’s an excellent start.

Buenos noches, my lovelies.


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