The greatest yogurt ever

Or rather, yoghurt. I’ve been an on and off yogurt eater because, well, it’s okay, and I know it’s healthy. Or at least I’ve been partially convinced at times that it’s healthy. There was that whole marketing campaign about how it makes you lose weight. But then there are all these people who proclaim the evils of dairy, as well as the ridiculously high sugar content of yogurt. My ambivalence along with my lackluster passion for yogurt meant that most often I’d buy it, then let it expire in my refrigerator. Shameful but true.

Then I discovered Chobani, Greek yogurt, and really pretty great. It’s also good pre-long-run food because the sugars are easily accessible to the body, so I started eating a half of one before long runs during my marathon training. Sometimes. I’m fickle, I tell you.

But then yesterday, at the delightful Whole Foods, I saw this. The packaging for some reason, got me, and then I noticed that it’s sort of local, and I decided to give it a try and OH MY GOODNESS. It’s wonderful. And it only has 9 grams of sugar. I have no idea how they make it taste so beautiful. Rich. Lovely. Perfect. I really like this yoghurt.

I’m eating it right now, pre 2:30 run on the Santa Fe Rail Trail, which is also a mountain bike trail for those of you interested. They’re the same ones that nearly killed me yesterday; I’m going for a rematch. I’ll check in later to let you know I survived.


2 thoughts on “The greatest yogurt ever

  1. I love the peach Chobani yogurt. If this is better, I gotta taste it.
    Watch out for those bikers. They can be nasty, when they are not nice.

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