Hallelujah, I think it’s going to rain

6:45 AM

7:05 AM

7:30 AM

7:53 AM

It’s pretty apparent already that Santa Fe, though lovely, isn’t my home. For example, when I woke up yesterday, I rolled over, looked out the casita’s French, saw the blue sky and GROANED. It’s not the sunshine that bothers me. It’s the lack of diversity. The mundane repetitive shininess. So I don’t necessarily think this is a vote for Seattle or Portland. All I’m saying is, yeah for some change. But yes, I do love a rainy day. And night.

Now about Ten Thousand Waves, which, by the way, is a hotel as well as a spa. I’m not saying I want ever, ever to have a wedding again, but if I did, this would be the perfect place. For those optimists out there. Anyway, my non-nuptial experience at Ten Thousand Waves was decidedly one of those experiences where the universe reassures you that your intuition was good, that you were right to listen, that you are in the right place at the right time.

I spent the first 90 minutes in a private bath, Ichiban, where I wandered from sauna to outdoor soaking tub to cooling room and back. I was a little worried that 90 minutes would feel like an eternity, and it did. Like a beautiful one. Next I met Frank, my massage therapist, who asked me if there was anything I wanted him to focus on. I told him about the right leg and the marathon, and he smiled. Did you tell them that when you booked your appointment? No. Well, I’ve worked on Olympic and Ironman athletes, and I used to run Ironmans competitively. I think I can help you out.

That, coupled with the hour and a half of private bath time, culminated in the deepest relaxation possibly of my life.

I’ve prepared a little photo tour, too. Otanoshimi ni … (I think that means “have a good time.” Of course, I cannot be trusted in this.)

The path to the spa. A sign at the bottom says "91 stairs to registration. 43 calories burned."

The sink in Ichiban. I took picture of everything because it's JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. I tried very hard to ensure that my nakedness was not being reflected in any photos so ... you know, TELL ME if I missed something.

The sauna, which is hard to photograph. And to stay in for more than 7 minutes.

The baths. One is 2 feet deep; the other is 1.5. I had to stick to 1.5 in order not to drown.

The baths look out at the little bit of raw, lovely mountainside.

Before bathing, a traditional Japanese shower, which involves filling this bucket, sitting on the bench and dumpng the bucket over yourself.

And then you bathe.

An attempt at self portraiture. Never terribly successful.


3 thoughts on “Hallelujah, I think it’s going to rain

  1. I just noticed that it says it is Nov. 10 at 3:03 when I posted that, but really it is Nov. 9, and it was about 10:10 p.m. What is up with that?

    I think I would have needed my knitting if I sat there for 90 minutes with nothing to do. I really am a work-a-holic.

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