Meet José

I have very few human friends in Santa Fe so far. Okay none. Although darling John, owner of the Running Hub, HUGGED me when we were leaving the after-run happy hour last night. I went for handshake, because I’ve apparently become a nervous idiot, but he just ignored me and took his hug. I love it when people do that. I love huggers. Love.

Anyway, not so many human friends, but I’m doing very well in the wildlife department. Which brings me to José. He likes to eat apples in my front yard. He showed up for this first time this morning, actually, as I was taking out the trash, and he laughed at me when I dropped my bags. I swear. I’m not just imagining things due to loneliness. He laughed.

Of course, all this makes me a little sad. I wish I’d gotten a picture of Louie before I left Wisconsin. Before the wretched bastard bear hunters. Alas, bears are not so easy to creep up on for a quick photo.

I’m stuck at the casita this morning waiting for some appraiser to come by. I could just leave the door unlocked, I suppose. I’ll be taking my computer – a.k.a. only thing of value – with me when I go. But the thing is, I can’t shower until the appraiser comes, and I know that the moment I give up and get into the shower, that’s when I’ll hear the knock on the door. So. Here I sit. Trying to be productive.

Plan for the afternoon is to go wander the Plaza for a while. Running-wise it’s a rest day, something my body really does need, but my mind doesn’t always handle so well. This means it would probably be better if I had some pressing deadlines. But I don’t so I suppose I will have to just GROW.

Later tonight I’m going to the SilverStarlight Lounge and Cabaret to support the very kind Julie from the Running Hub. She’s starring in “Encore, Liza with a Z,” which, to be honest, I probably wouldn’t attend on my own, unless Evan made me, but Julie was so SO lovely to me my first day in Santa Fe. And maybe I like Liza? I have no idea really. I’ll certainly let you know.


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