Things to look out for in Santa Fe. And the boots. For the last time.

Just so that you guys don’t think I’m making this up, and more than one of you have hinted that I perhaps might IMAGINE spiders from time to time, I captured some photographic evidence. In my bathtub this morning.

Rick is one of my few Santa Fe acquaintances. He works at the Garcia Street Books, which is just one of my favorite places in the whole city. Everyone, please attempt to hide your shock. Anyway, Rick advises me that these are grandaddy longlegs – and especially vile looking version of them, I interjected – and that I am a crazy person who needs to settle down. He said exactly those words. CRAZY PERSON. No, he didn’t. But we all know he was thinking it.

Next door to Garcia Street Books is Downtown Subscription, home of coffee strong enough that even I am satisfied.

And by the way, strong is not the point. It’s about flavor and intensity without being bitter. Like a lot of things, really. I’ve spent several days, including today, thanks to the Impending Deadlines, working on my laptop at Downtown Subscription, and I have to say, the coffee is great and the music is actually great, too (very unusual, I find). Though I wear my headphones, I’ll admit, because if there’s a conversation happening anywhere near me, I can’t force myself not to listen. Kevin used to actually DIRECT me towards nearby conversations he was curious about. Called me his Miracle Ear.

Another lovely thing about Downtown Subscription is that’s it’s big enough that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable about hanging around. You’re rarely taking up a table that someone else might need, though it’s also never empty. I, of course, buy things regularly no matter how many people are in here, just so you know. This is how I operate. Just ask Kevin.

He continues to be highly amused by my insistence on buying something even if I just use the bathroom in the place.

So, I bought things, I hung out, I wrote, and I finished the draft of article two, which means I am ON TRACK not to have any sort of crazy things happen this month as they did when I was writing my articles for the last issue (fingers crossed, because that was because of poor Bette’s premature demise).

Despite the good coffee and the great music (Thanks, Angie, for bringing Levon back into my life; I’ll tell the rest of you the story if Angie gives me permission.), I’m so ready to get away from this computer I might throw it, but before I go, a couple more photos. Very important ones:

Sharp things found outdoors in Santa Fe. Wear shoes. AT ALL TIMES.

The boots. On. And I'll shut up about them now.


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