Yesterday, today

This song is what I feel like when I run. Some days. Other days I feel like a zombie. Or an elephant. But today, Shine. I had no idea until I looked it up on You Tube that it’s in a Pantene commercial. This is because I’m permanently TVless. Not because I’m a snob, but because I have no self-control. I’d be that kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if I had unlitmed TV access. I’m weak, I tell you.

Anyway, today’s post was meant to be about yesterday’s long run, because – I was so proud of myself for this – I TOOK my CAMERA along to the Rail Trail. I refused to take my phone, which is what I usually take photos with. I couldn’t risk getting an email or a text during a run. That’s just incorrect. Impossible. I would implode, I’m pretty sure.

Instead, I took along my cute, tiny little camera. It’s a great camera. It was easy to carry. It took lovely photos of the Rail Trail. I was so delighted. And I realized it has no cord. I SWEAR I got that cord the last time I was home, but now … missing. And therefore so are my photos of the trail. I’m going to order a cord, though, dammit, and you’ll get your photos.

So after my photoless run, I had to sit in a boiling bath for an hour and then, once I was warm enough for actual circulation to take place, I dragged my starving self to the Railyard District. I’ve been told this is the new great place to be. And it is. Except parking is dismal, ridiculous and preposterous. But other than that.

By the time I found a space, I was really just so hungry I would have eaten Taco Bell if that happened to be where I parked. It wasn’t, thank heavens, because surely you get beheaded for eating Taco Bell in Santa Fe. Instead, I was in front of the Zia Diner, a much-talked about little place that I was planning to try anyway. Short story: Nice people, decent food. Pretty good coffee. The dessert looked AMAZING, but I just didn’t have room even for the food. It was my fault, just for the record. I couldnt’ stomach the things they’re famous for – the meatloaf, in particular – and so I just misordered. I ordered a special, too, so you have very little chance of running into it one day.

And while I wasn’t raving about my food, I was having a lot of fun sitting at the open kitchen and watching the cooking happen, but maybe that’s just me and cooking nerdiness.

Zia Diner

Next, I shopped some of the boutiques around the Railyard, one of which had this:

and I thought, No product has ever been so obnoxiously named.

You don’t need to know the name of this store because if you ever went here and bought anything so pompous and fabulously overpriced as most of this store’s contents, I would never speak to you again. And I would hate for that to happen. I do have to say, though, because it wouldn’t be fair not to, that the girl working in this store was True Santa Fe. And by that I mean SUPER NICE. Minnesota, y’all have nothing on New Mexico Nice. I mean, I like you. I love you. But truly.

After that – this will shock you – I got coffee. It was long run day, so I had a latte, a really good one (See, Mom, extra calcium! I want credit.), at the Station, one of the world’s prettier little coffee shops.

I think it’s the chandelier that did it for me. But THEN … there was a couple in this coffee shop, maybe in their late fifties, and I inexplicably felt like they were talking about me. I told myself I was crazy. I mean, I felt like they were SIZING ME UP. It was weird. And THEN … later – after more shopping at REI and the greatest little Brooklyn-like boutique called Cupcake – my final stop was at the aforementioned and fabulous Kowboz, THERE THEY WERE. Hanging out. Talking to the nice ladies who worked there. All of this made think, Okay, see you are in fact crazy. These are fine and not-weird people. And THEN… the woman turns to me, smiles and says, as I pondered whether to buy the boots, You know, my husband and I were watching you in The Station, and he looked at me and said, Isn’t she the cutest little Mary Poppins, and I said YES. And I just want you to know, you deserve those boots, cutie.

Hand to god, this is word-for-word.

I bought the boots. And then tried not to break into a run as I headed to my car.


5 thoughts on “Yesterday, today

  1. Ha. Okay, I think it’s pretty obvious that this is a writer failure. This man and woman, they were all OVER each other in the coffee shop whist checking me out. And then, what’s “cute Mary Poppins”? She said it in a What-a-wonderful-plaything-you’d-make kind of way.

    Is this clearer?

    And no, Katie. This is the only pair of boots. I was just so excited about them, I wrote about it twice. Today I’ll post a photo of me IN them. JOY FOR EVERYONE!

    • Ok. I add my ewwww to yours. It did occur to me later that Mary Poppins is a strange thing to call someone, unless they are, um, your nanny.

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