Food I might consider moving for: La Boca

Last night I was so proud of myself for finishing draft two that I decided to treat myself to happy hour. This is a tradition I became very accustomed to at the ButBar house, and one I dearly miss. It’s just not the same alone. At the ButBars, we would open a bottle of wine at 5:30 and spend the next hour chopping and washing and dicing and, you know, cooking. Together. And laughing and listening to the kids tell about their days and talking. In Santa Fe, this is not the sort of set up I have for happy hour, so I instead went to a bar I had read about, the Tin Star.

It’s known as the local of local bars, where you can meet real people from Santa Fe, and while there were only four people there at 5:30, they were ACTUAL Santa Feans, so … reputation upheld. They also happened to be lovely. A woman at the bar, who was working on a laptop, introduced herself as Marlys immediately and just took me in. She lived in New York once, as did her partner and the owner of the bar (and, at the moment, bartender, though it’s not his favorite role), Tony. Marlys told me all kinds of incredible but apparently true stories about Santa Fe, including the one I was most partial to – the time that Giovanni stabbed Antonio outside the bar (Names changed. I don’t know these guys, and they’re apparently dangerous.)

Don’t get me wrong. It was a sad story. But it was also just so … odd. The names – the real ones – were also quintessential Italian ones, and I just like I’d been transported to the Bronx or something.

Anyway, I had one drink, had a wonderful time talking to mostly Marlys and occassionally Tony – who, in a bizarre twist of coincidence, once owned at advertising agency in Manhattan – and then they sent me off to have dinner at their favorite restaurant, La Boca. And let me tell you, I will now follow the food advice of these people to the end of the earth.

I sat at the bar, as I love to do, and I was immediately enamored with the fabulous waiter/bartender Tristan as well as the other two people at the bar. This couple next to me, they own a pet and grooming store in the Plaza, and they were just marvelous. I love it when you run into people like this, who are so EXCITED you chose to come to their town, who are so ENTHUSIASTIC about making sure you see it in the best light. Tristan was the same way, but in his own very nonchalant, I couldn’t really be bothered way, which of course, I adored.

Oh dear … have to wrap this up or I’ll be late for salsa class. You’re likely ready for me to can it and get to the food anyway. Here it is. Hugs to all y’all.

Bruschetta with mushrooms, over easy egg, truffle oil and reggianito

Some kind of wonderful steak (I've forgotten) but forget that. Look at the sauce in the bottom left corner: smoked salt, smoked paprika caramel sauce. An absolutely perfect, unforgettable sauce. Also there are fried potatoes with garlic aioli. I really should have had a dining partner for this, I know.


4 thoughts on “Food I might consider moving for: La Boca

  1. Explain, please, “smoked salt, smoked paprika caramel sauce.” I think I could make that, with a little more information.

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