Loud Talking People

Let me say, first of all, that I know I’m in a public place and people should get to talk as loudly as they want.

However. If you’re in a (fabulous – more on that later), mostly empty cafe, and two people sit inexplicably at the next table and proceed to use their outside voices, like their we’re-hiking-and-at-either-end-of-a-canyon voices, you need two things: these headphones, given to me by Darling Kevin, and for this song to come on your iTunes randomly. I laughed out loud, extra out loud because of the noise canceling headphones. I frightened the loud talkers. It was awesome.

Oh, and the thing about the earbuds is that they’re not marketed as noise canceling, so they don’t cost seven thousand dollars. But they DO cancel noise. I didn’t even hear my startling laughter.

More after I kick these crazy deadlines … soon..



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