Albuquerque airport report


Okay, so I can’t actually report on the secure parts of the airport, having never flown into it. But perhaps we can get Mom’s opinion when she arrives. She’s usually so shy with her opinions, but maybe I can talk her into it. Actually, she doesn’t know it yet, but I’m planning to ask her to guest blog while she’s here. I think it would be fun to have side-by-side reviews of the same experiences. And she has a fancy new iPhone. We’ll see if I can persuade.

In the meantime, should you ever be picking up or dropping off someone at ABQ, you will be happy to know that
1. Parking is close and not too terribly hassling.
2. Coffee can be acquired outside the area of security. It’s not mind-blowing, but totally decent. Yes, it’s 8:28 PM and I bought coffee. Go ahead and act surprised.
3. ABQ has a lovely “greeters lobby” with the coziest airport chairs that have ever existed.

ABQ, on my scale, that’s a 100 percent thumbs up.


One thought on “Albuquerque airport report

  1. By the time I arrived, the airport was almost deserted. Juli was standing all alone instead of waiting in a crowd of people like I always am in at the Atl airport. It was great not to have to pick her out of a crowd but a little spooky to be in an empty airport at only 9:00 pm.

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