The Mother Daughter Tour, part 1

So, we’ve covered breakfast. After that, Mom and I headed over to Garcia Street books to get a book I had ordered, and Mom met Rick, my friendly spider specialist who really knows nothing about spiders except that he takes great joy in mocking my fear of them.

Next we took the High Road to Taos. Highlights of the day:

We wandered, truly because we missed the correct turn – no surprise there, into the Cardona-Hine Gallery in Truchas, where we met one of the artists, Barbara McCauley, who is a wonderfully entertaining woman. She’s also a remarkable poet. I found one of her poetry books lying on a side table, opened it to a random page, read the poem, and was completely hooked. She has a clear, bright, captivating voice, this poet. She’s also a wonderful painter, too, though of course I know much less about that.

The sculpture garden

She also has some fantastic dogs.

Then, just off the Taos Plaza, we stepped into Stephen Kilborn’s gallery, where his wife, whose name we would learn is Laverne, immedaitely swung her head around to use and declared, “I’ve been defeated. And by a computer no less.” I helped her take some digital photos, download them and email them to a potential buyer, and then SHE, lovely woman, gave me a signed poster of one of her husband’s paintings. Then we all have a marvelous little visit that included strategies for mooning people following several choice Taos Inn margaritas.

Next we practiced our finely honed shopping-without-buying-anything skills. And Mom got to hold some priceless pottery. Made me very nervous.

More stumbling led us to this adorable little coffee shop outside of town where we shared the greatest cinnamon roll ever to cross my lips.

We followed the most incredible – truly unbelievably beautiful – sunset back into Santa Fe. Mom fussed a little about my repeated need to pull over and take photos, but come ON …

And we ended the evening with an unexpected gift from a new friend. A girl I met the night before, who works for the National Insititute of Flamenco, got us in to see the flamenco show (and maybe have some tapas and margaritas) at El Farol. Which brings me to my news. I have decided to move to Spain forever and ever and study flamenco. Adios.



2 thoughts on “The Mother Daughter Tour, part 1

  1. I’m definitely against forever away in anywhere! But the dancers were amazing. I don’t see how they clap stomp, and jerk their necks around so fast without the services of a top- notch chiropractor on full time salary! The sunsets were fantastic … What I was worried about were the cars flying by her as she stood in her opened car door to shoot those great photos.

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