The sexy traveling life, part 3


Oh yes. Now Marie is getting a true taste of Travels with Juli because we, my friends, are at the laundromat. I can hardly breathe with anticipation because the Flashdance song could come on at any second, and with Mom here, I would most definitely put the dance plan into action. Any amount of embarrassment would be worth her reaction.

(I’m getting to the everything’s funny part of sleep withdrawals. Sadly, it’s such a short phase …)


3 thoughts on “The sexy traveling life, part 3

  1. Dance away, baby girl! I don’t know anybody in this town. And if we were in Cumming, anybody who knows us would expect you to dance.

  2. That was absolutely the dream laundry scenario. Well, I guess it would have been even better if we’d lived across the street from it, but still…totally worth a cab ride.

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