Thanksiving dinner for two

No, really, it was a dinner for two, but that’s also the name of the restaurant. It’s a questionable name, in my obnoxious writer’s opinion, but a fantastic restaurant. I chose it because it falls exactly into the category of restaurant I gravitate toward no matter where I’m traveling: emphasis on food straight from local farms; on organic, humanely-raised meat; on a community-minded operations and atmosphere. (Steve Darnley, if you’re ever in Santa Fe, you should go straight to this restaurant.)

Thanksgiving lived up to all of the non-holiday reviews. The food was way too good, and the staff … well, seriously. Bless their hearts. I wanted to hug every single person we talked to, most particularly our waitress. I have many pics, but be warned – the lighting was marvelously cozy, which means my flash blew everything out and without it, mostly nothing shows up. But by god, it’s Thanksgiving and Mom is here, and I took pictures, and here they are.

Mom is cold here in Santa Fe (told you so), and after the movie today, we found these BEAUTIFUL leg warmers at Walgreens. She pretended she might wear them like this to dinner. I told her to rock them, but she didn't want to for some reason.

This is the first of our effort to take a commemorative Thankgiving in Santa Fe photo of us together. A terribly successful project. I'm sure you'll agree.

Number 2

Number 3. We finally climbed on the bed. Or rather, Mom climbed on, giggling, and went dashing up there after pressing the button on the camera. Much to Mother's amusement.

Mom didn't know it, but she is a FAN of cava. As are all genius people.

Crab soup in the distance, French onion up close. The crab soup was Mom's, and I think it was the best part of the whole meal.

Dinner for Two does all its own baking, including these flaky poppyseed rolls of perfection.

The D42 Thanksgiving menu.

This is our dinner. Turkey, two kinds of stuffing, roasted onion mashed potatoes. It's sad you can't actually see it.

This shot was much prettier on my phone.

Dessert. I feel kind of sick just talking about it, but only because I'm STUFFED. I must lie down. And run seventeen miles. Immediately.

Goodnight, all. I hope all of your holidays were warm and spent with people you love. Hugs to you and lots of love. xxoo…j


3 thoughts on “Thanksiving dinner for two

  1. Ditto….at least on the food, the waitress, and the restaurant. The photos were much better on Juli’s phone and, I hope, on your computer. The leg warmers were warm and hardly any of the colorful stripes showed beneath my pants or above my equally stylish tennis shoes which were all I had here to wear. You’d think my daughter and I would have the same size feet, but you’d be wrong. Unfortunately.

  2. Marie, I agree with Juli. I think you could have totally rocked the leg warmers. And you know I love the picture taking with the self timer. You ladies are very cute. So glad you had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. What a memorable Thanksgiving this was for you both. Santa Fe just looks and sounds like an amazing place. I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to visit while you were there. Can’t wait to hear more about it when you return.

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