Leaving New Mexico. Then going right back.




The last few days have been occupied with departure prep (which become more difficult the longer you stick around), but today I was finally, gloriously on the road. I say finally not because I was excited to leave New Mexico, but because I am so enamoured with the drive. Any drive. But also, I knew I’d see New Mexico again soon. Unless I want to drive through actual Mexico, it’s the only way to get home.

Today I drove to Cameron, Arizona, and it was easily one of the most beautiful and impossible to photograph drives of my trip. I’ll include one of my pitiful shots; you’ll see. But nonetheless I’m here, staying at the historic Cameron Trading Post. Even eating at the historic Cameron Trading Post, and I’ve honestly never seen this much cheese on one plate. But I don’t care. It’s darling, much lovelier than I expected. That photo of the fireplace is the view from my table, my waiter calls me “dear,” and 1940s holiday music is playing.

My room, on the other hand, was seven thosuand degrees when I arrived. My only option was to turn off the heat with a thermostat that reads simply “cooler” and “warmer,” which means icicles will be hanging from the lamps when I return. But whatever. I like being called dear (who knew?) and that’s enough for the moment.

Pics from the Canyon tomorrow.


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