Arkansas has lovely rest stops


As you can plainly see, they are excellent places to stretch.

Anyway, a few thoughts from the road:
1. I never imagined I would find myself, ever, in Texarkana.
2. The Clinton Library should be ashamed of its billboard – headline: “History doesn’t change, but our exhibits do.” Just brillant, guys.
3. Is there more than one Blue Star Memorial Highway? Because I’m on one, and I’m having a hard time imagining how this one hooks up with Maine’s.

Back to the driving …


2 thoughts on “Arkansas has lovely rest stops

  1. There are lots of them, according to the internet. I looked it up and found that they were started to honor people in the armed forces who have served their country. Garden clubs sponsor them. Nothing I found said anything about them having to connect. Have fun, be safe. Love, MOM

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