The Long Road Home

That’s right: home. No matter where I live or travel, even when I’ve had other “homes,” Wallace Tatum Road in Cumming, Ga., will always be home number 1. The first, if not the most current. And that’s where I am now. It was a long trip, one mostly devoid of Internet opportunities or the time to use the Internet anyway (because I spent most of it driving), so this morning I’m catching up. You’d surely rather see pictures than read my meandering blather, anyway, so here goes … the long road home from New Mexico (actually to Arizona, back to NM and then home).

After a seven hour drive and a night at the Cameron Trading Post, I finally got my first look at the Canyon. It's out there, just beyond the Grand Canyon Watchtower.

The Grand Canyon. Hard to photograph at sunrise. (Although I think we all know I'm constantly making excuses for my photography, so there's that.)

I don't know how many GC pictures you're interested in seeing. I could have stared at it all day. But probably not at my pictures of it.

A tree and the Grand Canyon. What could be better? Besides if it was warm enough to sit UNDER that tree and read a book.

Creatures! Well, you know, DEER. But lovely!

The road to the Grand Canyon is lined with these booths, which I'm assuming are usually filled with arts and crafts and food things. A lot of them were abandoned, or looked it, and most of them had these beautiful decoupage (I think) murals.

Same booth, other side.

I really liked this booth.

Last one, I swear. But look at that sculpture! I mean. Really.

After the GC, I had to drive right back through Albuquerque, which obviously required coffee from my favorite ABQ coffee shop.

My last night in New Mexico was spent in Madrid. If you ever go to Madrid, stop by The Hollar and look for these guys: Eric and Peter, both of the band The Family Coal. They are the unofficial Madrid welcoming committee. Very unofficial. Buy them a beer for me.

After a 10 hour drive, finally, Dallas, where Kevin's wonderful father let me crash for the night. I stopped at the grocery store, and either I was exhausted or the international foods aisle really was funny.

Passing through Hope, Arkansas.

Oxford, Miss.: after a long backcountry run, I stopped for coffee. And of course a doughnut (Which I refuse to spell donut. Dammit.). It was pretty fantastic, and I could have eaten 27. I did not.

And then ... !

And there it is! Rowan Oak. Faulkner's house.

Faulkner outlined "The Fable" on the wall of his study. I'm so delighted that no one ever thought to paint over this.

Rowan Oak has stables, servants' quarters, an outdoor kitchen and lots of little gardens and trails. I was the only person there. That's just silly.

These are the servants' quarters. I'll take them.

Another 8 hours took me through the birthplace of The King and, finally, to Wallace Tatum Rd.


5 thoughts on “The Long Road Home

  1. According to Rand McNally, that’s 1827 miles. My longest road trip was 1424 miles, so you’ve got me beat for now. 🙂

  2. Oh, I am so glad you are home safe. I love your photos and comments that go with them. It sounds and looks like an amazing journey. I can’t wait to hear more. I will let you get settled in before I start calling you like crazy. ; )

    • MOLLY! I’m leaving tomorrow for the race, but I’ll be home on the 15th, and then I’m all yours. I can hardly wait to see you. Let’s get together on the 16th! I’ll be over in your ‘hood … I’m going to Angie’s school to talk to some darling gifted kids who are reading my book. I can hang out til you’re off work. Let me know what you think!

      • Sounds like a plan! Can’t wait! I hope the race is a success. I’m very excited for you. Be safe and pace yourself. I know you will do great!

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