Good luck of the seemingly backwards variety


Here’s poor litttle Benji being hauled away. His clutch went out. Yes, it’s sad, but it’s also very, very good luck in so many ways. First of all, if he’s going to break down, this is the place to do it. I could have been on the way to Charleston tomorrow, and that breakdown could have caused me to miss the race.

Also, here I am in my own hometown with my own Daddy and his own mechanic whom he trusts. Total score. And another thing – maybe it’s the South or the holidays or my pitiful face, but everyone I encountered during this experience was just marvelously lovely. A couple of teenage guys in a huge truck stopped to try to help me, as well as a very sweet police officer. I was for some reason a little nervous about dealing with the tow truck driver, but he was just wonderful and comforting. He also didn’t charge me extra even though the tow was over five miles. And then the guys at Enterprise … they gave me a discount and wished me luck on my race about seventy-four times (one of them is a marathoner, and he couldn’t have been more enthusiastic).

What’s more, I’ve been having this IT band thing, which turned out to be not at all my IT band but my psoaz, si joint and gluteus medius/maxiumus (Yes. My ass.). This tightness was causing all the pain in my right leg, especially my knee, a pain that sometimes became a cramp that was so painful I had to stop running ad stretch it out. And all of this was exacerbated, my fabulous and wonderful massage therapist told me, by driving a manual car. So here’s Benji’s gift to me: I won’t be driving a manual fo six hours the day before my marathon.

And maybe that will cost me a new clutch, but for once in my life I did the practical thing and bought the extended warranty. All sorts of miracles going ondown here in Georgia, I tell you. The best kind of luck.


One thought on “Good luck of the seemingly backwards variety

  1. My thoughts exactly. Just be safe and enjoy your race and take care you that ass of yours. For your entire life, your daddy and I have wanted it and the attached rest of you to be strong, healthy, and happy. We love you! MOM

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