Shopping with the Chia Pet and a few ugly sweaters

I must say, people are kind. Mom got FOUR different compliments on her hat during the marathon shopping day that was yesterday. One of those was from a two year old, but still. The shopping day also afforded another special hat appreciation opportunity:

But before we continue with the shopping, a few photos from the Ugly Sweater Party hosted by Allene and Jeannine. I was a little stressed about finding an ugly sweater on short notice but was rescued by Darling Molly’s antique-shopping-ninja mom. Keeping tight tabs on the world’s trends, Molly’s mom, who, along with Molly, operates a couple of killer antique booths, has amassed a collection of ugly sweaters from which she let me borrow. Score one ugly sweater for FREE that I don’t have to figure out what to do with after. As it turns out, though, my ugly sweater was terribly commonplace. Jeannine and her husband John made their own gorgeously ugly apparel. And, fitting the typical tone of these parties, these outfits were both ugly and slightly inappropriate. Or at least Jeannine’s was.

Jeannine is actually the best behaved of all of us - by far - but the girl can break out some sass.

Allene's husband John. A very, very good sport. And yes, every man here is named John. Literally.

The Allene we all know and love gives John's Rudolph a ... well ... kiss.

And John gives his Rudolph a drink.

Christmas, Southern style.

And now for the Best Grocery Store Ever. In the last ten years, I’ve done a lot of shopping in a lot of different grocery stores across the US and a few in Europe, but with the exception of Dallas’ Central Market, a close second, Harry’s Farmers Market is far and away the greatest grocery shopping experience around. Once independent, they were purchased by Whole Foods a number of years ago, and we devotees were terrified WF would ruin our favorite market. Shockingly, they changed almost nothing. Harry’s focuses on local sourcing, but they also offer just about any specialty ingredient you could ever need. They have a prepared foods section the smell of which could make my stomach growl 17.6 seconds after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Their produce department is so beautiful it could inspire even my hot dog-devoted nephew to try something new. Maybe. It’s pretty good.

Now, it’s a special favorite thing of mine to shop at grocery stores in new cities. This love is perhaps not shared by all (normal) people. But if you love to cook, or really to eat at all, you should make a visit to Harry’s if you’re ever nearby. Here’s a peek:

I don't mean to be judgemental, but if you don't REALLY want this, there's something wrong with you. Or you're a vegetarian. Which is fine.

Santa. Wine. What could be better? (I think I say that a lot.)

Harry's has the best chocolate selection I've ever seen, which makes my mom very happy. I think these chocolates are brilliant. The company actually just makes two bars - one dark, one milk - and it's the clever packaging that really sells them.

This is just my favorite. ANDI ratings help you choose good food: the higher the rating the healthier the food.

Mom and I spent an unholy amount of monay at Harry’s, but we will be eating very, very well for the next couple of weeks. I’ll post some pics as soon as I cook something, but for now it’s off to watch the Incomparable Evan run his FIRST 5K. I haven’t seen him since I left New York, so it’s a pretty exciting day. Except for the fact that I can’t run. But whatever. The stationary bike is character building. I’m sure of it.


One thought on “Shopping with the Chia Pet and a few ugly sweaters

  1. Marie’s hat is cracking me up. And I love that she is willing to pose in the hat with the Chia Pets. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have a Chia Pet made in our likeness? Marie, You Rock!
    And Jeannine’s sweatshirt rocks too! Hilarious. I love John’s outfit of the vest and the snowflake turtleneck. Very classic! Hope it was a great party!

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