Steampunk Christmas

You all know Molly, right?

You should. It’s important. Here’s another one of my favorite Molly moments:

This was the morning of the biggest blizzard we ever had while I lived in Brooklyn. This is 8 AM, when Molly and I were trying to walk home. Yes, we were walking home at 8 AM. That’s all you get to know.

Anyway, Molly’s house is one of my first and favorite stops every time I land in Georgia. A year ago (A couple of years ago? Molly, I’ve lost track.) Molly bought a house, which she has proceeded over the months to gut and renovate and transform with her own personal brand of what I like to call Cozy Steampunk Vintage Marvelous. Molly has this amazing talent: drop the girl in an antique/thrift store, and suddenly she’s John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind.” She zeroes in on the unique or interesting, the seemingly disparate, and sometimes bizarre. Things I would walk right past, never glancing at them or even slowing down. Those are Molly’s treasures. (When Molly and I are in antique stores, I tend to stop and look at the vintage Playboys. They’re EVERYWHERE. I find this fascinating. Antique stores are so ostensibly buttoned-up. But oh NO. Dirty people.)

Molly’s mom, by the way, is the genetic bearer of this gift. She, too, can dive into a pile of junk and come out with the one shining, glorious object that you never imagined had any value whatsoever.

Anyway, on THIS particular trip, Molly’s house, though still in progress, was suddenly a steampunk holiday marvel. I have no skill whatsoever for decorating, and therefore I am always in awe at Molly’s house. She was kind of enough to let me take pics to share with you. She’s just that kind of girl.

I haven't yet figured out how to sneak out of the house with that giant picture on the wall. But I'm trying.

That's Twiggy. She was excited when I first arrived, but now she's over me.

Of course Molly has a gorgeous vintage white tree. With vintage oranments.

And this fantastic vintage tree stand.

I sat here working for a long time (And drinking coffee. Obviously.). It's such a warm, cozy spot to spend the morning.

See that dissected frog on the wall? It's made of colorform plastic layers. You can REMOVE the organs and move them around. How can you not love THAT on a living room wall?

The guest room. Or, as I call it, MY ROOM. I may have to steal that picture on the far wall as well.

Another wall of the guest room. If I tried to hang that collection of pictures, it would look like an earthquake had struck.

So that’s your exclusive tour of Molly’s house. If you’re hopeless like me, or just don’t have the time to put all this gorgeousness together, you can benefit from the Molly Magic by shopping at one of the antique booths she operates with her mom. Molly … can you share the addresses with us?

Hope everyone is surviving the last few days of Christmas prep. Or escaping to Mexico like my friend Kevin, who celebrated his holiday weeks ago. (I tried to finagle an invitation. Unsuccessfully.) Either way, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Steampunk Christmas

  1. You are so sweet. What a lucky girl to be the subject of a post on both of your blogs. I feel very honored. We will certainly need to go visit the booths while you are home.

    For the mid-century, industrial, & one-of-a-kind oddities, check out Highland Row Antiques at 628 N. Highland,
    And for a nice mix of everything else, Flea Antique Depot on Hwy 29 in Lilburn

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