The things that fuel the insomnia





This new kinf od insomnia has appeared just in the last two weeks. At first it was a mystery: falling sleep with uncharateristic skill and ease, followed by waking up three, four or six hours later … STARVING. The waking up hungry has happened from time to time since I began running seriously, but I was always able to have a snack, then go back to sleep. But since I’ve been home, these hunger pangs leave me awake. Like awake awake. For good. Or at least I can’t get back to sleep until approximately seventeen minutes before I need to get up.

Last night, though, as I was finishing off the peanut butter cookies, I realized what the problem is: amazing snacks. Usually, middle of the night snacks are Mary’s Gone Crackers, hummus, an apple. Not BAD snacks. Good ones. But not great ones. Not sugar and fat filled MARVELOUS snacks. Which I why, when I read in O Magazine (magazines being the necessary… no, critical …imperative distraction device for the stationary bike) that not sleeping enough leads to overeating, obesity, misery and, in general, insanity, I was somewhat concerned. Which is NOW why Christmas and all this ridiculous baking has to be over with. Soon.

Not that I won’t enjoy its final hours. That would be a silly waste.

Cheers, friends, wherever you are.


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