What is THIS? Snow NEVER makes me sad.

Today, it turns out, is a first. The first time I was ever sad to see snow arrive. The first time snow ever made me cry. See, my brother and his family now live two hours away, so when the snow started, even though it was only 11:45 a.m., they had to leave. They have horses to take care of and a dog to feed and let out, and so before the slush that we in Georgia call snow transformed into the much more common and treacherous ice, they had to get on the road home.

Christmas, cut in half.

Under any circumstances, this might have made me sad. Even really sad. But today I was more than sad. I cried. For a long time even. I kept sobbing and hugging them and saying, I have no idea what’s wrong with me.

It was a beautiful day, regardless. And a lovely night last night. We made a big dinner, sat around talking and drinking wine, then switching to Bourbon. Then we watched the holiday classic “The Big Lebowski” (after the 8-year-old went to bed). Then I locked myself in my room for my annual ritual of present wrapping and stocking stuffing while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The perfect evening. Today it was coffee and biscuits and stockings and my hilarious nephew rushing around, handing out all the presents, having to repeatedly ask “Which ‘Mom’ is this for?” because I forgot to write “Grandma” on all my Mom’s presents.

It was this big, warm, wonderful, timeless moment where we all got to talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company like we hadn’t seen one another for decades. Capturing it in words or photography is doubtful, but, as always, I tried.

The Christmas tree I weaseled my way out of helping put up. As I do every year. Hallelujah and amen.

Christmas Eve dinner. Bison chili and chips and salsa. Very traditional.

I've been playing with the Vignette Camera I just downloaded on my Epic. I can't decide ... fun and interesting or sickly and green?

Totally out of character, my brother submitted to all kinds of photo taking. I'm going to travel the country for months on end more often.

He's being so patient!

Christmas morning biscuits!

Brad ate the B. And also got over his picture-taking patience.

So I chose I new victim. Daddy poses cheerfully.

After Christmas dinner (roast duck courtesy of my big brother), Mom and I decided to drag out this old cookbook to find a pecan pie recipe.

This is the recipe! (Only I added Bourbon, like the good Southern girl I am.)

We couldn't find a pie plate (?!) so we made mini pies instead. And here they are. Ready for me to eat. Immediately. Merry Christmas, everyone!



3 thoughts on “What is THIS? Snow NEVER makes me sad.

  1. Awhh, sounds like a very yummy Christmas. Sorry that Brad had to leave early, but you did manage to get several good pictures of him. I like the “B” Biscuit.
    Was Christmas Eve at your folks house? It looks different than I remember.
    Hope your evening is relaxing. Look forward to hanging out again soon. Talk soon.
    And Merry Christmas!!

  2. I’m glad the duck was good. We’ll try it again sometime when I can eat it too! I’ll bet bourbon would be good in the recipe.

  3. The food all looks and sounds divine. We had amazing food here, too, which will not surprise you one bit. Everyone left early, though, due to the major blizzard that is currently raging outside my window. So I missed whatever package you may have sent…

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