The trouble with traveling

I know, I know. I really can’t keep going off and not posting for week and a half. Not so much that you care, but mostly because I can hardly remember where we let off. I think it was the surprise. Yes?

So. The surprise. It was not, in fact, Ten Thousand Waves, which was good, especially after all of the things I heard about Ten Thousand Waves sitting around the outdoor mineral pools of the actual surprise, which was two just totally lovely nights at Ojo Caliente. Where bathing suits are not optional. And really, thank goodness. It’s so much harder, in certain environments at least, to relax without one’s clothes on. And isn’t that the point … to relax? Well, relax and sit by the fire in the gorgeous room (much lovelier than room Mom and I stayed in) and eat ridiculous amounts of ridiculously delicious food. We hiked on the first morning, just to ensure that we had fully earned the next eight hours of soaking. But the best part: it snowed. While we were sitting in the steamy marvelous pool, snow began to drift from a very unsnowy blue sky. Then the clouds moved in and we had maybe ten minutes of thick, prickly snow on our bare shoulders, and then it was gone.

Oh, and keep in mind this is hearsay, but several people at Ojo did tell me that the bathing-suit-optional Ten Thousand Waves pool is entirely uncomfortable. I tell you this not to spread any rumors, but just because I said such lovely things about Ten Thousand Waves previously. And I don’t want any hate email, people, so pay attention. I was in a PRIVATE pool, and that’s what I recommend for you, too. Steer clear of the communal pool and have a massage with Frank. I stand by that.

Anyway, the one trouble with traveling is that I get so caught up in it that I don’t blog as often as I should, and the other trouble is that it ends and there’s ordinary life with the deadlines on the other side. Which is where I am now. Laptop in lap. Snow and ice storm outside. Deadlining it up. Dreaming of the next trip in all the spare moments.


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