If life had a soundtrack

I never really watched Ally McBeal, but somehow I caught the episode where Tracey Ullmann, as Ally’s therapist, instructs Ally to select a theme song, and it stuck with me. At least once a week that idea pops into my head: if I had a theme song, what would it be? And of course, the answer is always changing. And by the way, I really think I need Tracey Ullman as my therapist.

But anyway. Today, if my life had a soundtrack, this is the theme I’d want, at least for the moment. The video itself is just beautiful, depsite the fact that the existence of ice in general is really starting to irk me. I’m considering drinking warm soft drinks for the rest of my life, European style, just to give the finger to ice. But wait. I’ll still need ice for martinis. On second thought, maybe I should just embrace the ice.

Regardless, if I could afford it, and if any planes were leaving the state of Georgia for the next seven weeks, I’d be headed to Holland.


One thought on “If life had a soundtrack

  1. I agree that one should always have a theme song…

    I had a mix tape in high school that I put on at bedtime that repeated Beautiful Girl by INXS and Nightswimming by REM…the only two songs…over and over.

    I listened to American Girl by Tom Petty every morning when I was in Italy.

    I listened to The River by Garth Brooks every morning on my way to school during student teaching.

    I listened to Everyday by Dave Matthews on my way to see the girls in the NICU for almost a month.

    Currently my theme song might be Kick Drum Heart (Avett Bros) or Hot Dog (They Might Be Giants…you should give it a try. 🙂 )

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