The theory of extremes

It’s been one hell of a winter. I know many of you are digging out yet again today, and we’ve had more snow than I’ve ever seen here in the Peach State. But lately, it’s just been dreary, a sad kind of dreary that actually made me wish for some snow. I was wishing this yesterday as I ran down the Greenway, when suddenly, at mile 3, the sun came out. It was just a moment, and it wasn’t winter sun, the blinding kind you can see but not feel. It was that first blast of tangible sunshine that actually warms your skin, that makes you smile, that promises something. It reminded me of my theory of extremes. Basically, it goes like this: it has to get really dark before you can appreciate the light. You have to experience that painful, needley toe freeze before you can truly take in the beauty of spring’s first substantial blast of sunshine.

This, by the way, is why I have such a hard time living in the South. I never get cold enough to appreciate how BLASTED HOT it gets here. But hot and I have a terribly fickle relationship anyway. That’s a topic for another time.

Anyway, today looks like a full day of sun. I even woke up to it. Enjoy the day, my friends.


2 thoughts on “The theory of extremes

  1. The sunrise on my way to work yesterday morning was amazing, too. Like the sunsets we stopped to take pictures of out in NM. Everywhere has something great sometimes. We just have to stay aware.

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