We laughed hardly

Okay, FINALLY, here’s my post about last weekend’s Athens, Ga., adventures. It was a nostaligc trip. You see, I met Molly there. It was fate. The University of Georgia put us together randomly as rommates in the beautiful, rat-surrounded Creswell Hall. When I walked into that 10 by 12 foot concrete block room that first day, there she stood, arms outstretched, smile huge. She hugged me and then assurred me that she and her mother were going to paint over the sickly pink walls immediately. And immedaitely, I loved her.

That day we had lunch downtown at The Grill. I had no idea what I ate, but Molly, I will always remember, ordered a Fakin’ Bacon BLT. It was the first time I had ever seen anyone eat any kind of fake meat. I had no interest in eating it myself (and wow, how things change), but I was fascinated. In honor of this trip down nostalgia road, we went to The Grill again, this time at midnight (which, we learned, was really the more appropriate time to eat at The Grill):


And this lovely lady is Angie:

A friend of Molly’s from high school, Angie made her way to UGA, into my life and stayed there. She also came along for the Weekend of Memories. Angie is the person we have to thank for today’s title. See, Angie has eight-year-old twins (and a toddler – isn’t it MIRACULOUS she’s awake at MIDNIGHT in this photo?), and one of those twins offered up this accidentally hilarious use of the word hardly: “Sometimes I think hardly, Mama, and I have to tell myself, Think lightly. Think lightly.”

This struck us as particularly hilarious on Friday night, when Angie and I could hardly control our laughter during an excruciating art auction. It was an auction for charity and the art was … well, let’s just say they were having a difficult time enticing any bids of any kind on many of the items. I’m not, obviously, going to tell WHOSE auction this was, but it was the most hideously painful mixture of medicore art, a pitiful auctioneer and SILENCE. LOTS of silence. That is except for me, Angie and Molly. Eventually, we couldn’t help ourselves. That room needed ligthening up, I tell you, and smartass comments are the very SOUL of ligthness. It was a bad time turned good. We laughed hardly. So hardly we cried.

Here are a few more photos from Nostalgia Road. Athens is a fantastic town. You should go there sometime.

Our mod (but comfy! and inexpensive!) room at Hotel Indigo

Local art at Hotel Indigo

Pizza (good, but not anything I'd call pizza) and gorgonzola fries (who could screw that up?) at Hotel Indigo

Local beer. If it existed when I was in college, I'm embarrased to say I never knew it.

Shopping downtown



2 thoughts on “We laughed hardly

  1. A very splendid weekend indeed! I would have been climbing the walls at that auction if it wasn’t for you ladies. You certainly made it fun! And I can’t remember if terrapin existed when we were in school but I don’t think we missed out by not having any. I think we had fun all the same.

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