The sexy traveling/freelancing life

The beauty of traveling: You get to LEAVE. The beauty of freelancing: you get to SLEEP IN. Which also translates to, You get to not just make but also eat marvelous breakfasts in your pajamas after you’ve gotten up without the aid of an alarm clock. Here’s an example from this morning.

So, I’m maybe a tiny bit obsessed with cooking blogs. I spend an inappropriate amount of time reading them and bookmarking recipes, so many that I will never make all, or even a tiny fraction, of them. And here’s why: I bookmark, then promptly forget. When it comes time to cook for someone, I always go hunting for new recipes, rather than troll my old bookmarked files. I have commitment issues, I guess. With recipes. And cities that I could possibly live in. We’re going to stick with those subjects.

Anyway, all of this basically just means that I do things that make no sense. This will surprise very few of you. But in this ONE case, I actually used a recipe that I had bookmarked, and this is such a remarkable leap toward sense-making that I felt it should be noted. The recipe: baked eggs in the basket. I am also obsessed with eggs at the moment. Especially over easy and/or coddled ones. It’s very difficult to achieve a runny yolk in the oven, and alas, that pinnacle of egg perfection was not achieved today. But not to worry. White truffle oil will mask a surprising amount of errors.

The eggs did not slide so willingly into their baskets - who knew eggs were so belligerent? - but we managed to coax them.

White truffle oil, savior of perhaps slightly overcooked but still delicious eggs.

Sexy freelancing breakast. To be washed down with celery, carrot, ginger, apple juice. And perhaps a splash of vodka.


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