One of the great things about being in Atlanta: the people. I have old friends here, people I’ve kept in touch with while I’ve traipsed all over creation, people I adore, people I never get enough of when I’m home for just a few days. Usually when I’m home for a week or two, I only get one evening with each of these people, often one evening with ALL of them together. It’s never enough. I never feel finished.

But that’s all over, for the moment anyway. Which brings us to trivia night.

We’ve played trivia together for years, since sometime after college, and last night we played trivia at Mulligan’s Grill in Alpharetta. Now, to understand this story, you have to know that everyone in this crowd is a couple. Three husbands and wives (all of the husbands inexplicably named John) and me. We spent the first fifteen minutes discussing two things: a possible whitewater rafting trip and what our trivia team name should be. (A little aside – funny, and terribly offensive, trivia team names here). Anyway, Jeannine says, We should really do this rafting trip. It will only cost $88 each. Oh! – she looks at me – and only $44 for you.

I laugh. Right. Because I’m divorced. Then we all laugh. Cut to an hour later when the trivia leader calls out the standings: In third place: We’re still here. In second place: Go Dawgs. In first place: Juli’s divorced.

This was the work of John C., Jeannine’s husband. Later, he would also tell the trivia leader that it was all a lie: I wasn’t really divorced because, actually, no one ever found me attractive enough to marry me in the first place.

You can see why I miss this people, right? Seriously, my stomach hurt from the out of control laughing. This is the point: people you know so well, so for long, that they can tease you about anything, and there’s nothing funnier because there’s no sense of doubt or insecurity.  These are people who love you, who would probably hit someone with a car for you, or at least a bike. That’s why you can laugh about even the most painful things, and it isn’t the slightest bit painful. And isn’t that really the only way you can heal? That’s what I’m counting on.

Plus, they all felt so bad that they gave me the winnings when we managed to hang on to third place in the end. That’s what I call good friends.


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