Tree house or cabin?

As usual, I have more ideas than I have time or energy or patience to execute, but there’s this one idea that keeps coming back to me. My parents live on five acres of property, but we pretty much never see more than half of it, because the back half of the property is a forested hill leading to a beautiful creek. Settendown Creek, I think it’s called, but I could be wrong. I’m sure someone will correct me if necessary.

What a waste, right? Lovely, creekfront property that no one ever sees? And by the way, when I say creek, I’m not talking about a trickle of winding water. I think I’ll have to hike down there and take some pictures. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about building something down there. a studio kind of place where my mom can do her artwork and my dad can watch birds. Basically just a place that allows my parents to get some use out of their beautiful land. It could also be a guest cabin, with me, obviously, as the guest. Yes, that’s a little self-serving, but I like to think of it as a gift to everyone, not just myself. And I’m going to do the work. (My parents are both laughing right now, I assure you. Not because I won’t do the work. I’m a very hard worker. I just tend to work myself into problems that require assistance. See Benji’s brakes.)

Anyway, I have a few dreams about this little structure. Here’s the ultimate idea. Add a big porch overlooking the creek, maybe a fire pit or a swing. Perfect. And totally out of the budget.

Then there’s the idea of this – and I quote – “Anyone with basic carpentry skills can construct this classic one-room cabin for under $4,000.” I have basic carpentry skills! I absolutely DON’T have $4,000, but we’l get to that later! And … I could blog the WHOLE PROCESS! Wouldn’t you love to watch me hammer my thumbs and fall in concrete? Because we all know that’s what would happen. I mean, I would build that baby, and it would be beautiful. But there would be disasters along the way. This, I learned a few days ago is because I’m an orange. More on that later.

And then there’s this third idea: a treehouse. This is neither practical – because obviously the FIRST thing soon-to-be-retired people want is a rope ladder they have to climb to get into their getaway cottage – or affordable. But it IS marvelous, don’t you think?

So. Cottage it is. Right? I’m going to look into building permits …


2 thoughts on “Tree house or cabin?

  1. I would love a cottage on the creek. The creek is the reason we bought this property, but the builder discouraged us from building back there because of drainage problems what with rainwater running down the steep hill and all. Why not build the front of the cottage on level with the top part of the hill so we old folks can walk right in, and the back of the cottage be the treehouse part with the rope swing and ladder up to the porch overlooking the creek?

  2. You might also want to take into consideration the periodic flooding that occurs back there. It only happens about once every ten years, but I’ve seen that creek shoot its banks and rise several feet up the main slope.

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