Art & The Fickle Pickle

The American Craft Council Show only comes around once a year, so I bucked up and hopped in the minivan with Mom. It’s not so kosher to take photos of artwork, which means I come to you empty-handed, but I do have some highlights:

  • We both agreed that out favorite thing at the show was this, but now that I see the Web site, I have to tell you, it doesn’t do the work justice. There’s an edgy, Burtonesque quality that gets lost here.
  • This is the rocking chair that completely changed my mind about rocking chairs.
  • And I asked for this for my birthday. The photo fails that one, too. In person, it has a presence. You can’t not look at it.

The food at the American Craft Council Show is remarkably less exciting than the art, so we drove to historic downtown Roswell, one of our favorite little areas, to find some lunch. The true downtown part was overrun with Saturday brunchers, so we kept driving north until we happened upon The Fickle Pickle. Which was just perfect. It’s a Southern-inspired (we’re told “famous” for its fried pickles and fried green tomatoes) cafe in a cute old house with a fantastic little patio AND, most importantly, the best oatmeal cookie I have EVER EATEN – a cherry oatmeal cookie with lemon glaze on top.

They make everything except the sandwich bread on site, and the array of baked goods is at the very least highly unfair. And one more thing, you have never met nicer people. Cheerful – and not in an annoying way, which is saying a lot coming from me when I’m sick –  helpful and just happy to be there.

They serve dinner, too, and they have this magnificent little old barn in the back that can be rented for special events. For all of you baby/wedding shower planners out there, this place would be perfect. Or … did I mention my birthday is coming up? In August. You have plenty of time to plan.

This is the place!

We loved this tree.

The criminal array, including the Supreme Lemon Cherry Oatmeal Masterpiece

See ... a lovely patio, right? The barn is the to the right.

Not the best picture, but we had salad (planning ahead for cookies). Cobb for Mom, Asian salmon for me, both of which were great.


One thought on “Art & The Fickle Pickle

  1. You know, I recently created an oatmeal cookie recipe. Our next door neighbor has one of those wheat allergies, and last week was the first birthday of her daughter. Of course, the mother couldn’t eat the cake. The first birthday of any child ought to be a celebration of the mother as much as anyone!

    So I developed an alternative oatmeal cookie recipe using corn flour, and substituting packed, dark brown sugar for all the sugars. I used that mixer you loaned me to make it. Part of the sugar dissolved in the mix, but even better, some of the bigger chunks remained whole and melted inside the cookies in the oven. Sort of like super-sized chocolate chips, but brown-sugar-chips.

    I gather they were pretty good.

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