Hi, I’m a turtle genius

I want to be proud of people when they come up with genius, million dollar ideas that costs them NOTHING WHATSOEVER, but it’s hard. I’m not the person I want to be yet. I’m growing here. So it’s with mixed feelings (but ones that truly do include wild admiration) that I introduce you to Turtle Calls, a Web service wherein this random person will call whomever your mischievous heart desires and pretend to be a turtle for up to two minutes. Come on, people. I laugh every time I think about it. This is a person who deserves to be rich.

Is this person breaking any laws with this pay-for-prank proposition? I hope not. And even if it is, KEEP MOVING TURTLE! You’re on the Internet! They’ll never catch you!

Anyway, the news from my world is less exciting than million-dollar-genius, but it’s all I’ve got. I’m nearly healed. Today is the first day since last Monday that I was actually able to run, and hallelujah. Everyone will like me better now. I only did 3 miles, and there was a moderate level of grossness, but I think I’m solidily on the mend at least.

Also, I’m spending a couple of days with my nephew, B, so that his parents could go for a romantic St. Patty’s Day trip to Savannah. It’s complicated being at The Brother’s house because my computer won’t work with their wireless (long story, not interesting in any way), and my cell phone only gets one tiny bar of reception, and only if I hold it at just the right angle in one precise spot of the house. As a result, I’m spending my day in Athens with my laptop at Walker’s Coffee Shop & Pub. Poor me.


3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m a turtle genius

  1. But it IS Blue Sky … there’s a patio/bar in the back called Blue Sky. It’s lovely. We should come together sometime!

    I’d love to meet you guys, but today I have promised B he gets to play video games ALL AFTERNOON. Because I’m the cool aunt, you know. But I would love for him to get some play time … is there a park where we could maybe meet? Or are the girls too old for parks?

  2. I LOVE this about the turtles, and think I need to send one to my brother RIGHT AWAY.

    I am so not the cool aunt – I actually got pissy with my 6 year old nephew for cheating at Chutes and Ladders the other day. Not because I wanted to win, but because it’s a good life skill to lose gracefully. I probably made way too big a deal of it, though. Did I mention he’s 6? So have fun with your video games!

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