A Night in the Biergarten

Okay, so we really didn’t sit in the garden because last night, the state of Georgia, or at least my little corner of it, forgot about the 80 degree weather we’ve been having and suddenly went back to real-world Spring. It wasn’t so bad, just 50s and windy, but definitely not biergarten weather. But there WAS a biergarten. That’s all I’m saying.

Mom and I finally went to Gasthaus Le Cafe, an adorable little German restaurant right in the middle of Cumming. And people, Cumming is a lot of things, good and less so, but one thing it is decidedly NOT is home to fine or even terribly adventurous dining. When Gausthaus opened, back when I was in high school, I think, I assumed it was A., terrible and B. doomed. Now that it’s survived a good fifteen years or so, I was determined that we were going to finally give this cute little place a try.

And I was RIGHT. It was marvelous.

We had the most charming waiter from Austria, who was wearing his much beloved lederhosen. He recommended the sampler meal, which included wiener schnitzel, sauerbrathen, knockwurst, along with potato dumplings and the most delicious sauerkraut made with apples. Apples! It’s not the prettiest SOUNDING food. It tasted like heaven. There was apple strudel for dessert, made in-house, though we had a hard time deciding between that and the German Chocolate Cake, made in the (also Austrian) chef’s Roswell bakery.

We shared this entree, so just imagine this twice as big. As in HUGE.

Seriously, it’s actually worth the trip to Cumming, Georgia to eat this food. And if you know me, you know how seriously I take that recommendation.

The restaurant is about to move to a better, bigger, more room for biergarten type of location, and I’ll update you when I have more details. You know, so you can buy your plane ticket.


2 thoughts on “A Night in the Biergarten

  1. I’m sorry we didn’t talk about this sooner. I’ve been there a few times. It’s a really nice little restaurant.

    Now, a few years ago — it would be eight years ago, because the boy was a newborn — a couple I knew decided to start a Bohemian restaurant on main street. It didn’t survive, but not because the cuisine wasn’t excellent. It was. Cumming just didn’t have room for two excellent German-style restaurants at that time.

    Perhaps it does now.

  2. I should have KNOWN you would have eaten there! I never went that restaurant on the square either. I’m sadly behind in my north Georgia cuisine.

    You will have to come along when we go to the new biergarten!

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