My first

Soft boiled egg, that is.

I was always weird about soft, medium and in any way runny eggs until a year ago, when I had polenta with a sunny side up egg on top at Rebar in Brooklyn. This remains one of the best things I have ever tasted. As a result, I’m now obsessed with the runny egg. All kinds of runny eggs. On all kinds of things. Every day I think what ELSE can I do with a runny egg? It’s weird, I know.

Anyway, today I made my very first soft boiled egg and put in on my salad. It was expectedly marvelous. Simple, easy, delicious. Diet happy. All good.

It’s been stormy and wild and rainy here for DAYS. I’m about to head out for a familiarization tour to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where I am told it is stormy and rainy and COLD. But before I take off yet again, I finally lassoed my ever-busy friend Christy for brunch. We met at the Yahoola Creek Grill, a beautiful little place near Dahlonega. It overlooks the Chestatee River, which, yesterday, looked like this:

See? Wild. There’s a lovely little patio, but this is not patio weather, so we sat inside in a warm little corner where I had a revelatory oatmeal waffle experience. They put berries and vanilla yogurt on top. Now, at first I was all, what the HECK? But then I tasted it and it was really amazing. It wouldn’t work with any other waffle, but with the oatmeal … it was just exactly right. It felt good AND tasted good. And it didn’t even require syrup.

Of course to get the full experience, I think I need to eat it on the patio. With a mimosa.


2 thoughts on “My first

  1. How interesting: I learned to eat runny eggs in Brooklyn, too. That morning we had breakfast at that place that did the chorizo-and-eggs with jalapeno grits? I’ve been cooking runny eggs ever since.

    I haven’t managed to get mine to come out as well as their’s, yet, but I’m still new to this.

  2. Oh yes. Alchemy. I MISS that place. Perfectly cooked eggs really are difficult. They require such FOCUS. We should get together and make some before you depart!

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