In my email

Like most people, I get a lot of email, a lot of which I don’t read. As a writer, I convince myself that I have to sign up for emails from every single Web site, blog or random opinionated individual because I can’t do ALL the legwork myself, right? This generally results in an onslaught of instant deletions. But today, oh today… There are GEMS in today’s mail pile. And since I’m sweet, I’m sharing them with you.

  • It’s MAPLE tapping time. If you can’t be standing in front of the tree in the midst of a glorious maple forest, you can at least buy some syrup from a family farm.
  • I love everything about this hard-to-find champagne site that offers big discounts on rare bottles. But I wouldn’t worry about the food pairing part. Champagne goes with everything. Especially birthdays. Champagne makes an excellent birthday gift.
  • I don’t know if anyone can pull these glasses off. Sure as hell not me. But on behalf of everyone who loves Gregory Peck and To Kill a Mockingbird, I’d like someone to try. Any takers?

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