Pure Taqueria and how cute Southern towns are cute. And still too hot.

Have you ever spent all day waiting for a call? That was me on Wednesday. This person, whose anonymity I will protect for entirely selfish reason, was supposed to call me about a assignment. So I waited. All day. Finally, I went for a run, but I ran with my phone IN MY HAND, which I hate to do because every time the damn thing vibrates, I feel compelled to check it. Not at all in keeping with the purpose of a run.

Anyway, he never called. So yesterday, I decided I wouldn’t wait. Since all of my other assignments were finished, and I’ve promised to entertain Mom while she’s on Spring Break (she doesn’t require entertainment really, but since I’m leaving for Jackson Hole on Monday, she’d really like to spend some time with me before I go … sweet little Mom) I decided we’d take my computer and, of course, my phone, and if he called, I’d stop and work. But again, he never did.

So instead, we spent a lovely day exploring historic Woodstock and Acworth. Acworth is small and cute (we were finished with it in a half hour at most), but Woodstock is very close to the perfect little town for me. We had a fantastic lunch at Pure Taqueria and then checked out the shops across the street. We also discovered that a 60-mile trail system runs through the area. There’s a fantastic little bookstore, too. I mean, what? Is there a better town for me? Well yes. If you could take Woodstock and move it (at least) four hours north, it would be perfect. I need to leave out of the skin-melting heat zone, that’s all I’m saying.

But I do adore Woodstock. You should go. I’ll take you.

PURE Taqueria, from the garden outside. After lunch, we sat in these fantastic gliding chairs and ate frozen yogurt. Because doesn't this beautiful day demand frozen yogurt?

Modeled after an old garage ('cause the original was actually in an old garage), Pure has this great patio with garage doors that open to let in the not-yet-too-hot day.

Perfect mahi mahi tacos.

A flag drop box in the Woodstock town park. I've never seen one of these, but I love it. It's so Rockwellian.

This is the store in Ackworth where I worked for 15 minutes and earned us two waters. The owner was meeting with his candle sales person and claimed an inability to smell, so he enlisted my services by saying "young lady, you'll help me out, won't you?" He was so very cute.


5 thoughts on “Pure Taqueria and how cute Southern towns are cute. And still too hot.

  1. This sounds like a lovely day with mom. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Woodstock. Who knew it was so charming? Hope you had a good Friday!

  2. Speaking of taqueria, have you tried ‘Tortas and Tacos’ in Cumming? They make some very good sauces to go with their tacos.

  3. I havw tried it, but only because my sweet brother brought it to me. With all the delicious sauces. 🙂

    Molly, I’ll take you to Woodstock sometime!

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