Nutrition, body and soul

I’ll just admit it. I have no idea about nutrition. I mean, I can pretty much grasp the carbohydrate/fat/protein thing, but after that, I’m lost. Once we start getting into the Vitamin K phytonutrient lipoantioxidants, I give up. It’s overwhelming, and I know exactly what the problem is: it’s the world’s hardest puzzle. Those of you who spent yesterday’s entire four hour flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City playing sudoku, you might like nutrition. But I don’t enjoy puzzles, and I cannot see even the slightest possibility of arranging the perfect foods in my diet every day to maximize my nutritional load. THEN you throw in the running, and the extra nutritional demands created by that endeavor, and all these things combined convinced me to do something I thought I would never do: drink protein shakes.

This is just an experiment, so make no snap judgments on me. I’ve always avoided the beverage-as-nutrition thing for one major reason: it’s not real food. But when I came to the conclusion that I’m never going to eat kale, sardines and quinoa for every single meal of the day, I decided that maybe I’d give it a try. Also, my nails are breaking. They’ve never been brittle before, my whole life, and this seems a bit worrisome. There’s also those two pesky stress fractures. So see? One tiny 100-calorie nutritional supplement a day might not kill me. I chose this:

I chose the Vega shake because it’s a whole food supplement, rather than just a load-me-up-with-protein situation. I drank the first one this morning. It was kind of grainy, but not terrible. If it helps, I can definitely live with it. But now I’m wondering, how will I KNOW if it’s doing anything for me? So I decided to tell you people about it, and maybe this will count as some sort of log. If any of you notice that I seem to be benefiting from this new regimen, do me a favor and let me know. Thanks.

While I work on feeding my body better, I’m also feeding my soul with a little time with some lovely people (and dogs) in Jackson Hole. I had a beautiful, chilly wonderful run this morning, accompanied unexpectedly by a sweet neighbor German Shepherd named Nicki, and then one of the world’s best sandwiches – the torta al pastor at Pica’s – for lunch. If I ever figure out how to make this sandwich, you will all want to come and live with me. I swear to you.

The pretty creek outside the front door

Those are Tetons back there ...




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