Clyde & the Minidonks

Joe got up before sunrise to go skiing, and when he came back, he was all excited. There are these miniature donkeys and a cow named Clyde in a field in Wilson, and we’re going to go feed them! Seriously, he said it in italics and with an exclamation point. And then sang a song about it.

We stopped at a little market near Teton Village to buy bananas, because Joe’s intel was that Clyde likes bananas, peel and all, and Joe was incredibly enthusiastic about testing this rumor. Clyde’s a rescue cow – or actually a rescue steer, we discovered – brought to live in Wilson by a local woman who couldn’t stand to see him go to slaughter. The miniature donkeys, a.k.a. minidonks, I have no explanation for, but they are CUTE. Once they got me in their field, they didn’t want to let me out. I had a hard time even walking over to see Clyde, what with the minidonk corral around me. And Clyde DOES like bananas just so you know. But Joe couldn’t bring himself to give it to him with the peel. Nobody likes to eat a banana with a PEEL. Good point, Joe.


2 thoughts on “Clyde & the Minidonks

  1. Next time, hand Joe the camera part of the time so I can see the minidonks corralling you. They are cute. Perhaps Brad and Paige need some of those to add to their pastures.

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