The Last Teton Days

Oh, Easter. Really all holidays that involve going to sleep and then waking up to a stocking/basket/etc. filled with fun stuff … I love you. All of you. I’ve spent the last seven or so years making matzoh brie (also joyfully good in its own way), so it’s been a very long time since I got to make someone an Easter basket. But this year, I insisted. In fact, I forced Joe to drop me off at the grocery store alone so that I could make my preparations. It was so much fun. We need more holidays like this.

But before we get to Easter, here’s a look at the last few days in the Tetons.

This amazing cheeseburger is from the recently renamed Brakeman American Grill in Victor, Idaho, my new favorite town.

Muzz and the Snake River.

Muzz and Che Guevara.

One of Jackson Hole’s giant Cottonwoods. I can almost slide my ENTIRE HAND into one of these bark grooves.

Muzz finally became my running partner on this trip, and this, just so you know, is what my running partner does for most of the running. Which is a good thing, because otherwise he’d be ten miles ahead of me all the time.

Back to my favorite place! This at Scratch in Victor, Idaho, where everything is made from … wait for it … Scratch. We ordered gyros and sweet potato fries, and what does Chef Thom do? He starts cutting up a sweet potato, obviously. I mean, come on.

Ta-da! Amazing gyro. Fantastic cinnamon sweet potato fries with chipotle sauce (what else?) and a Rogue Chocolate Stout. Can any of you believe that I left this magical place? I kind of can’t. Seriously. I’ve already spent several long craigslist apartment hunting sessions fantasizing about living in Victor.

And it’s Easter! Joe hardly knew what to do with my (possibly) overwhelming Easter enthusiasm, but since the net result was candy, he did his best.

The boys liked their Easter too.

The last thing we did before I left town … we celebrated Jumbo’s birthday. The big 13. He’s having a frozen yogurt cake, which he would have scarfed down in seven seconds if Joe weren’t such a TREAT COP.

So, suddenly my world is 80 degrees and 90 percent humid again. Sigh. I like the sun. But I miss the snow.


One thought on “The Last Teton Days

  1. Awwh, those last two photos nearly brought me to tears. I love those boys, Joe included. So glad you had a fun and different Easter Sunday. Can’t wait to catch up!

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