Happiness is not being eaten by this spider

Mother Nature sent me an answer to the question I put out this morning to this universe, and I promise you, I will think twice about asking ANY MORE QUESTIONS.

It’s beautiful here: 80 degrees, mostly sunny, just cloudy enough to provide a little respite from the sun. The trail was crowded when I went out for this week’s long run, but just a few steps down the trail, I noticed that everyone was suddenly scattering. This happens sometimes, when people’s dogs don’t want to get along and whatnot, so I just bounced on through. And then I realized why everyone was scattering.

At first I thought it was a pine cone. But then I thought, that’s too big to be a pine cone. And anyway pine cones don’t usually come in such strange coloring. And oh, guess what? They also DON’T MOVE.

Not a pine cone, my friends. The biggest freakin’ spider I HAVE EVER SEEN.

After a little research, I have discovered that this was a rare daytime sighting of the trapdoor spider, relative to the tarantula. Lucky, lucky me. And you are lucky too, by extension, just because you know me. Congratulations.

So. I got to see AND escape from a terribly rare spider. I’m totally moving that moment into the happy column.


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