A Wax, A Fitting and A Shot

Okay, so the shot wasn’t for me. It all started when I was having a beer before my bikini wax. Sweet Samba does my bikini waxing, and they are fantastic, reasonable and conveniently located right across the street from The Highlander, a fun, irreverent bar in Midtown. Bonus.

I was early for my wax, so I thought I’d do a little experiment: will a pre-wax beer numb things a bit? I’ll save you the suspense. No. But it was still a lovely way to spend the time, and I had a lovely hour or so with the bartender at The Highlander, who was nervously awaiting the arrival of Echo & the Bunnymen, who were coming for lunch with a friend and Highlander co-worker. I suggested she have a shot to take the edge off (Are you seeing a theme in my day? Me too.), and she agreed. Most enthusiastically. So did her co-worker.

I adore these ladies.

After the just-as-painful-as-normal bikini wax, I went for my first-ever bra fitting. You know how people on TV always go to these places and suddenly discover they should have been wearing a 32C when all along they were wearing some ill-fitting, awful 36A, and it changes their lives and their wardrobes and their self-esteems? That isn’t what happened to me.

I went to Intimacy at Phipps Plaza. They were very kind, though, truly, if you’re shy, this might not be the place for you. My stylist (fittest? cleavage consultant?) showed me many beautiful bras (none under $100), and told me that I really and truly am an A cup. However, they did reveal to me that I’m actually a size 32 rather than 34, and explained that I’d been wearing my bra too loose, which caused it to scoot up my ribcage, making it SEEM too tight. So see? Not life-altering, but helpful. Seriously pretty bras, too.

After that, I wandered though Saks, where I discovered even more pretty things I cannot afford. Like this Valentino dress.

Beautiful, right? There wasn’t even a PRICE TAG, people, and still, we all know this is WAY out of my reach. And even if it wasn’t, is $3,000 for a dress really a conscionable purchase? I have no idea …

Anyway, a fun afternoon in Atlanta. And all at a perfect 74 degrees.


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