A Mother’s Day Conversation

I went back to 28-2 today for my long run, and Mom went along. You know, so that they would know where to find the body if I disappear. After the run, we sat by the creek eating Larabars and (me) drinking obscene amounts of water, and we discussed the new memory book she’s reading.

Mom: I saw three cars while you were running. And you know, I’m reading this new memory book, so that I can remember where I put my keys. I memorized the cars’ license plates for practice.

Me: In case they killed me …?

Mom makes the not-a-funny-joke face.

Me: Okay, fine. What was the last one?

Mom (proudly): It was AB 8269.

Me: So how did you remember it?

Mom: Well, AB, that’s obvious. And 8 plus 2 is 10 …

Me: (??)

Mom: … and  69, that was easy.

Me: (nearly choking on my water)

Mom: Why are you laughing? It’s two years after my anniversary.

Me: THAT’S what you think of when you see the number 69?

Mom: Is that wrong?

So that’s my mom. She’s pretty much the definition of awesome.

She made this dress. My favorite ever. Such a favorite, in fact, that I chose it for kindergarten picture day.

This is her idea of a sand castle.

THIS is HER mom.

She takes pictures like this everywhere we go – even Versailles – because “isn’t that texture wonderful??”

She protects me from terrifying photographers.

She is totally accustomed to and patient with my habit of (kind of) lying all over the people I love.

And isn’t she beautiful?

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.


6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Conversation

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Marie!!
    Yes, your mom is awesome and very very funny, and cute too. I love those photos. Absolute treasures.

  2. And Juli forgot to mention the things she does for me, like the wonderful breakfast and dinner she prepared for Mother’s day. Delicious! Thanks, Jules!

  3. Marie – you are awesome! I saw in the board briefs that you have decided to retire this year!!!!! That is so awesome! Mom has absolutely loved her retired life! I am sure you will too! Jeannine

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