Good time, lousy photos

Let me just say that I think we all know that photos taken at concerts pretty much never work out. The lighting is bad, and you don’t want to use the flash because that’s just rude, and as a result, nothing in the photo can really be discerned or appreciated. But we take them anyway because to the photographically untalented masses, of which I am absolutely a part, photos are still commemoratory, even if in all other ways pointless. Which is all a long way of saying that I took some really terrible photos last night.

But what a lovely night. We had dinner (and beer, as you saw) on the patio in Madison’s charming little square. The restaurant was the Madison Chophouse Grille, and the turkey burger I ate was so deliciously moist, unlike any turkey burger I’ve ever had, that I’m pretty sure it was made with schmatlz or duckfat of some kind. And I wholeheartedly support that.

Edie and her best friend Rose Cousins were both marvelous, and the venue, the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center, was romantic (because, you know, that’s what Evan and I go for … romance) and historic and completely delightful. The whole night was, in fact.

And here are some really bad photographs.

Evan's finger, me, my beer

Evan before the show

Rose on the left, Edie on the right (Like it matter 'cause you can't see anything. I know.)


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